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Kumudini Welfare Trust was founded by R P Shaha in June 1947. He was born poor, became very wealthy through his business ventures only to give away all his wealth voluntarily. Between 1938 and 1944 R P Shaha had set up a free dispensary, a 750-bed free hospital named Kumudini Hospital. He established Bharateswari Homes, Kumudini Girls’ College and Debendra College. In 1944 he donated an amount of Rs. 2,50,000/- to the British Red Cross. R P Shaha and his only son were abducted by the Pakistan Army and their collaborators in 1971. They never returned. Along with the hospital, the Trust now runs a Women’s Medical College, a Nursing School and a Nursing College. Funds required for running the welfare activities are obtained from the income generating units of the Trust like jute press and warehouse, garments industry, pharmaceuticals, river transportation, handicrafts etc.


Our Sister Concern

Kumudini Hospital
Bharateswari Homes
Kumudini Women's Medical College
Kumudini Nursing School & College
Ranada Prasad Shaha University
Kumudini Pharma Ltd
Kumudini Handicrafts
Kumudini Ports Ltd
Kumudini Warehouse & Bailing


Ranada Prasad Shaha

Rai Bahadur Ranada Prasad Shaha was a true son of this soil, a man extraordinaire, whose life’s work and achievements are beyond comparison. Not only did he sacrifice his life for his beloved country but his legacy- Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (






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  • A poor man became a millionaire, and the millionaire voluntarily became a poor man, spending his all in the service of humanity, for the suffering and the distressed, for the furtherance of education, for rendering a service to the State, which the state itself has not undertaken. But is the Rai Bahadur poor; he is rich in the esteem, in the affection, in the love of a grateful people; having given all his worldly possessions, he has obtained more than those who were his compeers. May that state and the people he has served so well give him that recognition which is his due, and not destroy the great institution he has built with such love and devotion.

    Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy

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