Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (BD) Ltd whose logo says "Kumudini Cares" carries with it a great heritage of service to humanity. This heritage dates back to the establishment of free health care over 74 years ago, by Rai Bahadur Ranada Prasad Shaha in 1938. It is, therefore, logical that despite all the hurdles that it has come across,the Trust should continue to move forward. Since inception the Trust focused on providing free health care to the poor, free quality education to the underprivileged specially girls and on means of empowering women. It is said that, one of the many ways of measuring a company's success is to see whether it has been able to return some of its rewards to the communities

Rajiv Prasad Shaha

Chairman and Managing Director

Kumudini Welfare Trust of Bengal (BD) Ltd

in which it operates. This statement is true for all companies operating for the goal of maximizing profit. But when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility it is not something extra that we need to carry out, instead as a Trust it is what we exist for. All our exports are directed towards giving back to the society by helping the sick and ill, enhancing educational opportunities, protecting the environment, making a better workplace for all our employees and so on.

In order to deliver, we need to earn and therefore we run a number of income generating projects. They are jute baling, garment industry, handicrafts, pharmaceuticals, river transport etc. In addition to giving us the much needed revenue to be able to run the hospital the projects provide job opportunities to thousands of people specially women. Presently we are working on building an Inland River Container Terminal on our premises at Naryanganj which we hope will generate a steady income enabling us to contribute more to the society and the nation.

It's my hope that through sheer hard work, sincerity and selfless dedication we all together can make our founder's dream come true.